“Wisdom is the Sunlight of the Soul”

The Staff, PTA and the Management extend you a warm welcome to Annamalaiyaar Matriculation Higher Secondary School and wish you a prosperous year of study.

We request you to go through this handbook which comprises of the detailed information regarding the rules and regulations, time table and also various records.

We provide ample facilities and opportunities for Co-Curricular activities and encourage you to make the best use of these. It is our ambitious aspiration to give you quality education and mould you into an ideal personality. Let us join our hands in achieving the goal.

ay the Almighty God bless you with Wisdom and Knowledge and infuse you with Inspiration and Intuition.


  • 1. To inculcate quality education based on character building along with sound subject depth.
  • 2. To help the poor children those who are brilliant but weak in financial resources.
  • 3. To Provide proper education not only to the meritorious students but also to all.
  • 4. To develop self-confidence.
  • 5. To teach the children in play way method.
  • 6. To foster leadership quality in every individual.
  • 7. To teach hygienic food - habits.
  • 8. To promote sports and games.
  • 9. To maintain a very good teacher - students and parents relationship.

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